Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Since my parents bought me an Atari 2600 over 30 years ago I've been a videogamer. My peak was probably right after college when I had the time and the money to acquire and play all the games I wanted. It's been the core of my hobbies. I don't do fantasy sports leagues or even follow sports teams. It's been videogames up until about two and a half years ago. I played some poker pretty heavily back around my college days but never for more than a few dollars. My time came and went before the whole Texas Hold-em thing went off.

So I changed jobs in 2012 and for the first time ever I was working from home. If I wasn't on the road meeting with clients I was at home and on the computer for eight to ten hours a day. Then the family would come home and I'd be in the house and then the kids went to bed and I'd have to some time to spend on my own, in the house.

Right around this time Fantasy Flight Games released Android:Netrunner a reprint of the Netrunner card game that I played in college. I grabbed a copy and headed to the Friendly Local Game Store to see if anyone else was playing the game.

That was almost three years ago and unless I have family or work obligations you'll find me every Thursday night at the FLGS playing Netrunner and other games. It gets me out of the house, I get to socialize with people (not online) and I get to play some really cool games.

I still play videogames, but I'm a lot more selective in what I play. There's a lot of interesting things going on with board games and I spend the bulk of my free time on that side of the gaming world. But that's for another post.

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