Friday, May 8, 2015

First Post!

Well, not really. It's been while since I've done the whole blogging thing. I used to host on my brother's site, but that changed ownership and a few months ago the finally found me hidden in the crannies of that host and kicked me out. The land was pretty fallow, I wasn't really posting more than once or twice a year. I'm in the process of moving the domain over top of this platform. Pardon the dust.

My lack of social media engagement, not just blogs but Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc., was primarily due to obligations with family and work.

Work has been interesting. After 14 years working for a total of two companies I'm working for my third firm in the past 4 years. I've broadened my views working on the vendor side, back to healthcare briefly, and now in managed services. Until joining Security On-Demand last November I've never worked for a company smaller than 4,000 people. We're going to break 50 employees at SOD real soon. More on that later.

Family has been fun. The daughter is now 5. The son is now 2. We're getting into the really fun times. My wife is my rock, she's been very supportive with all the changes not only professionally but also going from a couple to a family of four.

More to come later. I'll be posting about my industry, my family, my hobbies, and probably some philosophy sprinkled in there.

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